About me

Some words for me!

Hello, my name is Marin. I am a tattooist since year 2010 ,but I`ve been painting for as long as I can remember. I work with professional equipment and supplies. I use high class certified ink with dates of production and expiration as well as the ink composition given. (I use high class ink with a certificate with a discription of the content, the date of production and expiration date.) I make black and white tattoos, color tattoos, corrections and cover ups of old tattoos. I am into all styles of tattooing but my personal favorite are realism and portraits. All supplies are disposable, so hygiene is 100%.

For a quick rescue and preserve color and quality of the tattoo you strictly follow those instructio

Once the gauze / film / is set to be worn at least 3 hours. Meanwhile tattoo closes the damaged area builds a protective layer. For any reason during those three hours dressing should not be removed. During this time face tattoo put small amounts of blood and lymph fluid they form another layer, which is not good for the tattoo. This after three-hour patch is removed, wash the tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap. The purpose of this washing is to remove layers formed from the blood and lymphatic fluid. When washing NOT use rough sponges or towels. After washing, tattoo surface must be completely clean of clots formations and peel. Blot dry with a perfectly clean soft cloth, just dab. Absolutely no moisture should remain on the tattoo. Apply a thin layer of ointment that you recommend your tattoo artist. It is advisable not to place more packed with dressing to be able to breathe freely. In the next 7 days tattoo surface smearing 4-5 times a day, wash it in the morning and evening. In the second week tattoo dab of Vaseline after washing. In the process of healing tattoo is covered with a thin crust of coarse, do not pick, it should be clear by itself. It is forbidden to long bathing / standing in the shower or tub / swimming pools, rivers, seas, etc.. A visit to the sauna or solarium. Protect your tattoo from the sun at least 3 weeks, and the best 3 months because UV rays burn pigment paints and tattoos fade, furthermore can seriously damage skin, causing irritation and ulceration. It is wrong to think that standing under an umbrella will not damage exposed tattoo. Shadow does not protect against UV rays.